Staging your Home to Sell

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You can read all kinds of articles on how to stage your home so potential buyers will fall in love and want to put in a bid to purchase your home. The problem is that all those articles may not be exactly what you need to do in order to sell your home. Staging is more than just cleaning your home and ensuring your lawn looks nice.

A qualified real estate agent like Tim DeCapua, has years of experience researching an area to learn what buyers are looking for in their dream home. In order to sell your home, you must know what most buyers are looking for when it comes to a new home. According to your local area, some may be looking for an office in the home while others may be looking for a modern kitchen or an attic that can be converted to a spare room.

A real estate agent has been selling homes in your area for years. Along with selling homes they are also helping others buy their new homes. This means that they see both sides of the fence and know what the market is leaning toward from the size of the home, the appliances in the home, and even if they desire gutters or a large fenced backyard.

With the help of an experienced real estate agent, just a few cosmetic repairs can help put your home in front of more potential buyers than you can imagine. Of course, your agent will only provide suggestions such as moving furniture and removing personal items so potential buyers and visualize their own belongings in your home. The kitchen is one of those rooms that needs to have as many items removed from the counters as possible. You may have a toaster, blender, canisters and even plants all over the room. This may be appealing to some, but it can easily make the counter space look much smaller than it really is, so placing these items out of sight will certainly help the sale of your home. An experienced real estate agent, will be able to provide you with some excellent staging options to help your home sell faster.

The History of Swing Dance

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Swing dance is a dance style that was created with a type of swing style to jazz music beginning in the 1920’s and lasting until the 1950’s. There were many different dances in the group known as swing dance with the most popular being the Charleston and the Lindy Hop commonly called the Lindy. The Lindy hop is described as a fusion of breakaway, tap, and jazz while the Charleston was often performed by flappers in the 20’s. Other styles were also considered a part of swing dances such as Shag, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, and the West Coast Swing.

Most of the swing dances originated in African American communities across the United States with Harlem being one of the most prominent with their infamous Savoy Ballroom. Swing dances that have roots in white communities include the Boogie Woogie and the West Coast Swing. In all honestly, the term swing was a term used for the jazz music being played when dancers began these wild moves.

The very first dance that evolved with jazz music was the Lindy Hop. The dance was created in Harlem and was one that surely portrayed high energy. The dance is an eight count circular basic often known as swing out, however, the Lindy included more steps in the 8 count and 6 count rhythms.

Balboa was the second dance of the swing era often referred to as Bal which is an 8 count rhythm but in a closed position, making it very different from the Lindy Hop. This dance was mainly seen in white communities that did not really have room for the wild antics of the popular Lindy Hop.

The Jitterbug may be the most confusing swing dance of its time as there is no set dance moves for the dance. The name occurred to explain the dance moves of dancers while dancing to Cab Calloway swing band leader. He looked out at the dancers which were performing various swing dances including shag, Lindy Hop and others and stated the dancers looked like a bunch of jitterbugs with all the bouncy and fast movements.