Effects Of Attendance Tracking Software Over Everyone’s Time

Posted on by Juliet

From many points of view, attendance tracking is all about timing. To many company managers, this concept is meant to save money. Indeed, when everyone is properly monitored for good final results, chances are the system will guarantee for correct and precise salaries. But then, its effects over your time as a manager are not to be overlooked either. So, what should you expect from this system? What are its leading benefits?

Spending Less Time on Payroll Calculations

Attendance tracking will save plenty of time on payroll calculations. You will spend an hour on average for each employee. If they also have bonuses, different pays for night shifts or weekends, breaks and vacations, chances are you will spend way more hours on these things. The more employees you got, the more challenging it becomes. You, your HR department and employees will love this possibility. Tracking and processing the time spent at work is precise and clear. Believe it or not, you will cut the required time to calculate payroll by up to 80%. After all, you only need a few clicks to figure the right salary. On the other hand, your HR department will focus on more important things as well.

Preventing Time Theft

The effects of attendance tracking on time are also related to preventing time theft. Many employees steal time in two different ways. If one of them is late to work, a mate can clock in for them. This technique is referred to as buddy punching. Basically, the late employee will not show up as missing. About 80% of all businesses in the United States of America lose money due to this cheating technique, which means that time theft is quite expensive. This is not the only time theft technique out there, but certainly the most popular one.

In order to prevent all these problems, attendance tracking is computerized and automated. It is almost impossible to lose money on time theft techniques. Even when it comes to your own productivity, the high automation will obviously make your life better and improve your productivity. There is just no way to go wrong with such a software.