How To Wear The Motorcycle Jacket For A Good Impression

Posted on by Juliet

The motorcycle jacket is no longer a simple fashion statement. After decades of military career, special roles in world renowned movies and a series of designs, the leather jacket has actually become a fashion icon. But then, do you know what it takes to wear a motorcycle jacket by the book? After all, you do not necessarily need to ride a motorcycle to display a few signs on your leather jacket.

For the Ladies…

When it comes to ladies, the freedom of choice and combination in terms of colors is quite impressive. Fit on the waist or right above the waist, the jacket can be worn with both skirts and pants, as well as high heels or simple boots. Most commonly, the motorcycle jacket becomes the central point of your outfit. As a direct consequence, it is imperative to underline its importance with the right accessories. Things like beads, a scarf or multiple bracelets can match the jacket by the book. Leather also looks good with crayon skirts, tight pants and jeans.

Everything is about matching the jacket to your activities. A formal appearance can be achieved with a shirt and perhaps a vest, not to mention elegant office pants.

As for Men…

As for men, the motorcycle jacket works great with a shirt, a T-shirt or a sweater. Matching it by the book depends on the actual leather type and color – usually black or brown. You can combine it with more types of jeans too – cream chino, light brown, dark blue or even gray.

Double check your wardrobe when about to purchase a specific model. A black motorcycle jacket can be matched with lively clothes, as well as light color clothes. On the other hand, a brown jacket will match beige or earthy nuances instead.

The bombardier model is great for men with wide shoulders, but it is not so advantageous for those with wide waists. This type of motorcycle jacket is ideal for tall people. Too many pockets and staples will disadvantage short men. Do not forget about other elements either – shoes and belts. Normally, shoes should match the jacket.