The Most Effective Supplement Combinations for Weight Loss

Posted on by Juliet

You’ve likely heard of or maybe used a weight loss pill to lose weight, but have you ever considered combining two supplements? There are a number of effective supplement combinations you can make for weight loss.

Whether it’s Burnea Erfahrun or one of the other weight loss combinations out there, we’ve got the best available covered in this article.

Caffeine and Green Tea Extract

Many weight loss pills and products can be expensive, especially for those looking to lose weight on a budget. Thankfully one of the cheapest and most effective supplement combinations for weight loss is caffeine and green tea.Caffeine is a fantastic supplement to make you feel full for longer and green tea has great weight loss effects. Combined together and they offer one of the strongest and most effective weight loss combinations available.

You can combine these two ingredients together at home without the need for any special equipment. A measure of 200 to 400 mg of caffeine, added with 500 to 1,000 mg of green tea extract left for an hour will provide a great supplement to your workouts.

Who knew that one of the cheapest weight loss combinations is also one of the most effective?

Calcium, Selenium and Zinc

Minerals are incredibly important to keep your body regular, but they can also be useful in the weight loss process. A combination of Calcium, Selenium and Zinc will hugely assist you during the weight loss process. They all work with your hormones to promote a positive attitude towards healthy eating, which is exactly what you need to lose weight.

Red Pepper and Ginger

When it comes to burning fat, one of the most effective ways to do so through your average meal is introducing a bit of spice into your food. Spice in your food increases your metabolic rate and fat burning by increasing levels of norepinephrine.

Two of the most effective spices combined together for weight loss are red pepper and ginger. Both these ingredients taste fantastic, so look for ways to combine them both into a meal and you’ll find that they’ll help in the weight loss process.