The Top Goose Hunting Blogs You Should Be Following

Posted on by Juliet

Goose hunting has a solid fan following around the world and there’s a number of different blogs out there dedicated to reviewing the best goose hunting equipment and providing key strategies for the sport. We’ve rounded up the top goose hunting blogs you should be following.

Fowled Reality

A favourite amongst goose hunting fans, this site provides vital information as to when and where birds are migrating. Not only this, but the site also provides top-notch reviews of some of the best goose hunting equipment on the market.

What’s more, they also host regular giveaways of some of that equipment, making this a blog you should be keeping your eye on.

Goose Hunting Chat

This site is less of a blog and more of a community for goose hunting fans. They provide regular text and video content, but also a forum to allow discussion of some of the biggest happenings in the world of goose hunting. This site comes alive round the goose hunting season and could provide a vital tool if you’re looking to get into the sport.


Realtree is a blog focussing on many aspects of outdoor life, including survival and camping. That being said, the site also has a wide range of content dedicated to goose hunting, including some pretty interesting editorials, guides, galleries and more.

Whilst not being fully dedicated to the sport, Realtree provides some of the most polished and trustworthy content when it comes to goose hunting and is well worth your time.

Hunt Fowl

The final site on this list provides a fantastic tool for finding the perfect location for your next hunt. They regularly provide information as to where the best location to be hunting is and even provide this information via an email update newsletter.

Hunt Fowl also posts a selection of comprehensive waterfowl reports and is a service that can’t be faulted – perfect for both new and experienced hunters.

In conclusion, all of these goose hunting blogs will provide you with a fantastic resource, whether you’re just starting out in the world of goose hunting or you’re a more experienced hunter.