What is black hat SEO used for?

Posted on by Juliet

If you run business and read a little about SEO, especially black hat SEO, you already know that black hat SEO gives lightning fast results for a very short term though. So why do marketers still utilise these strategies?

The concept is that marketers create a website, target very competitive niche which has a lot of money. Usually, these niches include gambling, weight loss, payday loans, car insurance, diets and other niches. Most of such niches are multi-billion dollar industries.

Marketers actually create 10 websites or more and target the same keywords. Those keywords are usually searched by hundreds of people each day. As long as visitors come to their site(s) and buy something off their site, marketers get paid commissions. If it is a digital product, they most likely get up to 75% of the actual product price. Let’s assume that visitor buys a product that costs $100. The marketer will get paid $75 for that sale. Let’s assume that you get rankings very high rankings and many people come to the site. Let’s assume that 20 people actually buy the product(s) marketer promotes. Assuming that commissions are $75 per sale, the marketer makes $1,500 that day. That is a lot of money and is probably more than enough to quickly build 10 websites and buy black hat SEO services.

So, how do marketers perform such strategies to rank so high and then loose the rankings a day or so later? Simply by spamming. They “steal” content from other websites and then rewrite using software. However, that rewritten article is not readable anymore. Then they use other software to publish many variations of rewritten articles to thousands if not tens of thousands of blogs, web 2.9 properties and other sites. They also use software to do automatic blog commenting with a lot of links. It ranks sites but for very short time.

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