When Can You Apply For Compensation From Your Airline Company For A Delayed / Cancelled Flight?

Posted on by Juliet

If you have ever experienced a delay or a cancellation of a flight, you will know how difficult it is. Not only does the experience make a huge dent in your plans, but also, it may lead to the cancellation of very important plans. If you have experienced a cancellation with your airline with no proper form of communications or a delay, you are liable to receive compensation for your wasted investment from the airline. With http://flugverspaetungsrecht.de/, you can be reimbursed for your entire expenses without any form of hassle.

What are the conditions that you are liable to get compensation for?

One of the main things that people often wonder is what they are capable of being reimbursed for. Some of the things that you can receive significant compensation in the event of a delay or cancellation include-

  • Delays

The structure of compensation that the passengers are liable to receive in the case of a delay and the maximum time that the flight can be delayed for according to distance have been stated below-

  • Below 1,500km- a delay of two hours or more can be liable to reimbursement up to € 350
  • Between 1,500km – 3,500km- a delay of three hours or more is liable for a reimbursement up to € 545
  • Above 3,500km- 4 hours delay or more can be reimbursed for €600
  • Above 5 hours delay in any case can result in the passenger receiving a full refund as well as accommodation/ air travel back to original destination.
  • Cancellations

If a flight is cancelled due to any type of reason, passengers are capable of demanding any of the following compensations-

  • Re-planning the journey to the same destination at the earliest possible time
  • Re-planning the journey with a different carrier
  • A full refund for the ticket as well as a return flight to the original point of departure.

Thus, if you ever face the same situation of having your flight being cancelled (without being notified about the same two weeks before the flight is to depart) or face a delay that invalidates the entire purpose of your travel, you can get appropriate compensation from the airline company.